Canoe Rafting

Activity available depending on the water level – You must contact us

Live a fresh, original and fun experience, this is what Canoë Blanc offers you with the canoe raft!

What is the Canoe Raft?

The canoe raft is a subtle mix between the canoe and the raft. It is an inflatable two-seater canoe, so it is practiced for 2 in the Gorges du Tarn. It is also nicknamed HOT-DOG, airyak, airboat or canoraft.

Happy man rafting canoe

It is particularly suitable for beginners to face rapids alone or in pairs, even techniques. Its advantages over other boats is its stability and its ability to self-empty. Indeed, the air is distributed evenly across its entire surface.

The self-bailer is also very practical, because even if you take on water following a wave, the water does not accumulate at the bottom of the canoe. It is a so-called “unsinkable” boat because it does not fill with water. Fluid mechanics therefore play no tricks on you on the rapids!

Why choose the Canoe Raft?

canoe-raft-gorges-du-tarnThis activity is offered to you on a magnificent course that will allow you to discover the heart of the Gorges du Tarn by paddle. Supervised by a state-qualified instructor on an annex boat or with you, the hot dog will make you discover new thrills.

  • Do you dream of going down turbulent rivers?
  • You don’t have a lot of rafting knowledge?
  • Do you want to ensure comfort and safety?

Then this activity is for you! Fun and dynamic, the Canoe Raft ensures your safety while teaching you navigation techniques:

  • Head to;
  • Stop;
  • Pick up the power;
  • Recover its material;
  • Cross the rapids;
  • Etc.

Go on a Canoe Raft adventure

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