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We offer various activities in the Tarn Gorges in collaboration with our partners, including the quality of services are up to your requirements.

Canyoning in Gorges du Tapoul

canyoning-gorges-du-tapoul-2Located in the village of Rousses in Lozère at the gates of the Cevennes, the Tapoul canyon is considered by many as the marvel of the Aigoual. It is highly prized by canyoning enthusiasts and its playful descent will bring you adrenaline and sensations.

This canyon presents a succession of waterfalls, jumps, slides, Tyrolean, in fresh water and limpid. All obstacles can occur sporadically or more quietly and all jumps can be avoided.

Your guide, Marco, a graduate of state, will accompany you safely along this descent of canyon or good mood and conviviality will enhance this unforgettable day.

Reminder: For this activity it is essential to know how to swim.

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Rent a electric bike!

With Les Vélos des Gorges du Tarn, you will travel the winding roads around the Tarn and on the Causse. Take to the skies without getting tired

Rent your bike in the Gorges du Tarn

Rent your bike in the Gorges du Tarn





Discover the speleology

grotte-de-castelbouc-sainte-enimieSpeleology yes, but what is it?

Throughout the ages the subterranean world has aroused the curiosity of men, a cavern lair from which a dark gallery resounds, where a chasm or a stone thrown by man falls to infinity, Where a clear river emerges.

Located in Lozère in the heart of the “Parc National des Cévennes”, the Tarn canyon formed between two large limestone massifs: Causse de Sauveterre and Causse Méjean. These massifs, made up of sedimentary rocks, have been dug by water over millennia, leaving room for miles of galleries that make the caves happy.

Seb, Brevet State of Speleology for 20 years, will make you discover today this world. Caving is a sport and leisure activity. Your instructor will guide you through the numerous caves present in our limestone massif: Les Gorges du Tarn and Les Causses.

The geological environment you will discover is very varied, whether you are thirsty for knowledge, adventure or simply a desire for initiation, your caving guide will adapt the course to your physical condition.

decouverte-de-la-speleologie-dans-les-gorges-du-tarnThe wonders of the secret depths of the earth await you !!!

From initiation for beginners to perfection for the most eager, we have in Lozère enough to satisfy your curiosity.

Your monitor will provide you with the right equipment to transform you into a true explorer, so you can fully enjoy this discovery made of thrills.

     A caving combination, a headset with a headlamp, a pair of gloves, a pair of knee pads
     For aquatic cavities, a neoprene suit.
     For vertical caving, technical equipment that will allow you to progress on the rope: harness, lanyards, carabiner, descender, torso.

It is advisable to provide a flexible outfit (jogging pants style) and a polar microphone as well as shoes that fit well with the feet.

For day trips, you must provide a picnic that will be stored in a watertight can. speleologie-avec-tanara-aventure

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