Paddle in the Gorges du Tarn

Discover the river differently: night paddle

paddle-de-nuit-PEM-1Paddle down the Gorges du Tarn with the Moulin de la Malène!

Called Stand Up Paddle or even SUP, the Paddle will allow you to discover the Gorges du Tarn in an unusual and original way. This activity is accessible to everyone! Alone, with the family or in a group, children and adults can be introduced to this discipline.

Activity offered only in July and August, Tuesday and Thursday evenings and by reservation. evenings and by reservation..

Paddle safety and good humor

Sébastien our state-certified instructor offers you a night descent, after a quick initiation, you will discover that this board is very stable and you will thus begin the descent with confidence

Sébastien accompanies you all along the paddle descent of the Gorges du Tarn live a unique and unforgettable experience. Paddle Equipment Provided:

  • Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP),
  • Illuminating Paddle or headlamp
  • Vest,
  • Waterproof container,
  • Wetsuit depending on the weather.

The “Parcours des Détroits” in Paddle

(over 500 meters in height and depth of gorges)

After a tumultuous day you appreciate the calm of the night which settles little by little, the murmurs of nature are heard and all your senses are awake and thanks to the illuminating paddle, you trace your trajectory without difficulty, and with lucky the beavers will visit you! Book your Paddle course on the Gorges du Tarn online

For a departure at 7:00 p.m.:

  • La Malène > Le Cirque des Baumes (8 kms), price: €50 by course

Free rental possible during the day:

  • Provided that the person agrees to have already practiced paddle.

Only July and August and by reservation, 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), so don’t wait, book on +33(0)4 66 48 51 14 or +33(0)6 99 37 37 70!


What is Paddle? Stand up Paddle Gorges du TarnStand up Paddle Gorges du Tarn

Le Stand Up Paddle is a sliding sport that consists of rowing with a paddle while standing on your board. The board is of the “long-board” type and the paddle is a specific paddle, much longer than that of a canoe. The practice of Stand Up Paddle is not very technical compared to other sliding sports such as surfing, which makes it an easy discipline to learn and a very friendly leisure activity.

This discipline originating from the Hawaiian Islands has been practiced at sea since 1960. It was very quickly almost abandoned when short boards arrived on the market. It was thanks to competitions in Hawaii in the early 2000s that this discipline became popular again.

Today, the practice of Stand up Paddle is very widespread, whether at sea or on the river. The French Surfing Federation (FFS) has even created a section dedicated to this sport within its organization, thus making it possible to regulate and develop the practice of Paddle in France. It is now on the Gorges du Tarn that the Paddle splits the water!

The interest of Paddle in the Gorges du Tarn is that this discipline allows a completely different approach to the river from canoeing or kayaking. Indeed, the standing position offers an incredible view of the shore and the bottom of the Tarn, which other boats do not allow.




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